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You will find hereafter the preliminary programme of the workshop to be
held in Paris on 30-31 January 2000. There are still some gaps concerning
speakers, and the discussion panels have not yet been set, but the topics
of the presentations will remain essentially the same.

As a reminder: if you have not yet done so, please inform the secretariat
before Christmas if you intend to participate to the Winter meetings, it
will greatly help the organizers.

Please note that there will be a registration fee of FF 500 to contribute
to the meeting expenses. This can be settled by bank transfer to the ICSTI
account, by check to the order of ICSTI, or by cash at the time of the
meeting. If you wish to receive an invoice, let me know.

ICSTI bank account: Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP)
                Agence Paris Auteuil
                120, rue La Fontaine
                75016 Paris, FRANCE
                N 037983 38/31
                Bank Code : 30004/00801

Best regards,




An Interactive Workshop Sponsored by ICSTI and ICSU Press

30-31 January 2000
ICSU Headquarters, Paris, France

Preliminary Programme (as of 13 December)

At the May 1999 ICSTI Meeting in Taipei, the report of the joint
ICSTI/CENDI investigation of the state of the art and practice of digital
archiving was presented.  The report indicated that while many groups are
working on this effort, there is a need to coordinate across data types and
stakeholder groups, particularly in the areas of system models, economic
models, and standards and policies.  The future will require a coordinated
approach to archiving that spans national and disciplinary boundaries.
This workshop, jointly sponsored by ICSTI and ICSU Press, is intended to
bring together representatives from the stakeholder groups around these key
issues.  It will bring together representatives from other groups who are
working in this area  - national libraries and depositories, the data
community, publishers, secondary producers, government and the private
sector, and third party services to discuss the issues that have been
identified. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the issues from
various perspectives and to determine how the challenges in digital
archiving can be overcome.  It is based on the view that ICSTI, with its
diverse membership, is in a prime position to promote communication among
the stakeholder groups.

The format will be a series of 20-30-minute perspective papers followed by
a panel session with representatives from each of the stakeholder groups
(libraries, publishers, data centers, secondary publishers) drawn from the
meeting participants and the speakers.  The stakeholder groups will take
the issues identified by the speakers and discuss what can be done
collaboratively to move ahead.  The workshop will end with a half-hour
wrap-up, which will review the issues and action items from the panel
discussions and establish priorities for further action.

The suggested outcomes include activities that can be done by ICSTI as a
whole, by ICSTI members working with other ICSTI members, and by ICSTI
members working with other groups interested in digital archiving.  The
outcomes may be joint projects or input to further discussions at national
level (the national libraries or the scientific academies) and
international levels.

January 30

13h00       Registration

13h30       Introductions and Welcome

Prof. Ben Fouche  (Vice President, ICSTI and Univ. of Stellenbosch)
Logistics and Introductions

Sir Roger Elliott (ICSU Press)

David Russon (President, ICSTI/British Library)

14h00       Beyond the ICSTI/CENDI Study: Setting the Stage
Gail Hodge (Information International Associates/Consultant to ICSTI)


14h30   The Open Archival Information System Framework as Applied to
Libraries (NEDLIB)

15h00   The E-Print Server Model: The Open Archive Initiative (Clifford
Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information)

15h30       Break

15h45   Electronic Archive Registry: The Results of a URN-Based Experiment
(Francoise Pelle, ISSN International Centre)

16h15   Panel Discussion

18h00       Adjourn

January 31

08h00       Coffee and Conversation


08h30   The AIP Experience (Dr. John T. Scott and Tim Ingoldsby, American
Institute of Physics)

09h00   The PubMedCentral Initiative (National Center for Biotechnology
Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine)

09h30   The Elsevier Experience (Karen Hunter, Elsevier)

10h00   Break

10h15       Panel Discussion


11h30   State of Legal Deposit Legislation (Deanna Marcum, Council for
Library and Information Resources)

12h00   Developing Guidelines and Best Practices for a National Library
(Pam Gatenby, National Library of Australia)

12h30   Lunch

13h30   Emerging Practices in the Data Community (CODATA)

14h00       Panel Discussion

15h15   Break

15h30       Final Discussion, Wrap Up and Next Steps (Fouche, Scott)

16h00       Adjourn

Marthe Orfus, Executive Secretary
51 boulevard de Montmorency
75016 Paris, France
Tel. +33 1 45 25 65 92
Fax: +33 1 42 15 12 62


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