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From: Marie Wallin <mw@LIB.KTH.SE>
Subject: Fwd: CFP: WebSem 2000, Hong Kong, DL 20 Feb. 2000
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>For information:
as published on the Swedish metadata e-listserver
Best regards, Marie Wallin

>From: Sari Hakkarainen <sari@sisu.se>
>Subject: CFP: WebSem 2000, Hong Kong, DL 20 Feb. 2000
>Sender: owner-svenskmetadata@munin.lub.lu.se
>C a l l     f o r     P a p e r s
>The International Workshop on the World Wide Web Semantics (WebSem 2000)
>in conjunction with
>The International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE2000)
>June 19-20, 2000, Hong Kong
>Metadata has become an important concept in description of web resources
>since five years ago, when it was realized that existing web resources had
>no structure or bad structure. At present, many metadata models have been
>proposed to satisfy the requirements of well-structured web information.
>Metadata modeling involves many aspects of the web technologies and
>applications, including electronic document management, web content
>management, digital libraries, electronic publishing, intelligent agents,
>electronic commerce, business-to-business transactions, etc. It is also
>recognized that metadata is not only structural data about web resources
>but semantic information about web content as well. The core of the
>metadata concept is "semantics", i.e., acquisition and representation of
>web information.
>This international workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and
>practitioners from both academic and industrial societies to communicate
>and exchange their research results and new ideas on conceptual metadata
>modeling, web semantics acquisition and representation, and applications
>for the web resource management. The theme of the workshop is "the web
>The workshop's activities will include invited talks, paper presentations
>and discussions on the following (but not limited) topics:
>   * Web Semantics
>   * Conceptual Metadata Modeling
>   * RDF, XML Semantic Abstraction
>   * Web information analysis and structuring
>   * Web content management
>   * Semantics on data and exchange
>   * Electronic document data modeling
>   * Electronic commerce data modeling
>   * Web semantics acquisition
>   * Web content representation
>   * Web-based conceptual modeling
>   * Semantic based search techniques
>Paper Submission
>The full paper submissions should not be more than 15 pages (double spaced)
>in length. Papers will be reviewed by at least 3 program committee members
>for their technical merit, originality, significance, and relevance to the
>workshop. Please send abstract (no more than 250 words in ASCII text) of
>the paper via email including title of the paper, authors' names and 3-4
>relevant keywords. Submission will be accepted as regular or short papers.
>We strongly encourage electronic submissions of full paper in Word97, plain
>Postscript or PDF file. The title page must include the name and email
>address of the contact author. Alternatively, four hard-copies of your
>paper may be sent to the workshop organizer at the address given below.
>Abstract and paper submissions are sent to the following email address:
>Important Dates
>Abstract Submission Deadline 20 February 2000
>Paper Submission Deadline 15 March 2000
>Notification of Acceptance 1 May 2000
>Camera-ready Copy Due 15 May 2000
>Workshop Date 21 June 2000
>International Program Committee
>Prof. David Cheung HKU, Hong Kong (co-chair)
>Prof. Joseph Fong City University, Hong Kong
>Dr. Paul Johannesson DSV, SU, Sweden
>Dr. Sari Hakkarainen SISU, Sweden
>Prof. Jussi Karlgren SICS, Sweden
>Prof. Hannu Kangassalo University of Tampere, Finland
>Dr. Qing Li City University, Hong Kong
>Dr. Eva Lindencrona SITI, Sweden
>Prof. Barbara Pernici Politecnico di Milano, Italy
>Dr. William Song SISU, Sweden & ETI, HKU, Hong Kong (co-chair)
>Prof. Benkt Wangler Skovde Univ., Sweden (co-chair)
>Prof. Bebo White SLAC, Stanford Univ., USA
>Dr. Hongji Yang De Mount University, UK
>Prof. Yixian Yang Beijing University of Post and Telecom, China
>Dr. Osmar Zaiane The University of Alberta, Canada
>Prof. Yanchun Zhang The University of Southern Queensland, Australia
>Prof. Bogang Zhong Nanchang University, China
>Dr. Bo Zhou Zhejiang University, China
>Dr. William W. Song
>ETI, Hong Kong University
>Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
>Email: william@sisu.se, wsong@eti.hku.hk

Marie Wallin
Project manager and International relations
Royal Institute of Technology Library, Stockholm
KTHB, S-10044 Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)8 790 8974 Fax: +46 (0)8 790 7466. E-mail: mw@lib.kth.se


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