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[Fwd: Chemical Nomenclature Round Table IUPAC Strategic Plan 2000-2001]

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Subject: Chemical Nomenclature Round Table IUPAC Strategic Plan 2000-2001
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I am forwarding two messages sent by the IUPAC Secretariat to IUPAC
Associate National Adhering Organizations, Associated  Organizations,
Company Associates, ICSU Unions, Chemical Societies.



Chemical nomenclature has been a major core activity of IUPAC since its
inception. In order to help develop a strategy for the Union's future work
in nomenclature, including advances in computer-based aspects of
nomenclature, IUPAC held a Round Table discussion on "Representations of
Molecular Structure: Nomenclature and Its Alternatives" in Washington, DC on
March 10-11, 2000. The meeting brought together 41 participants from 10
countries and included experts in organic, inorganic, biochemical, and
macromolecular nomenclature; users of nomenclature in academia, industry,
the patent, international trade, health and safety communities; journal
editors and publishers; database providers; and software vendors.
A detailed report of the conference, including 14 recommendations for IUPAC
action, is available on the IUPAC web site at
or you can follow the links from the News & Notices page.

The IUPAC Executive Committee has already implemented three recommendations
as follows:

1. An ad hoc Committee on Chemical Identity and Nomenclature Systems has
been established, with Dr. Alan D. McNaught as Chairman. The CCINS will be
responsible for developing systems for conventional and computer-based
chemical nomenclature; cooperating with the four current nomenclature
Commissions; coordinating interdisciplinary activities in the nomenclature
field; and recommending to the Bureau long-range strategy on chemical
nomenclature. It is expected that this body will provide the long-term
central planning, management and coordination of chemical nomenclature that
would otherwise be lost when the Commissions are discontinued at the end of

2. A feasibility study of the Chemical Identifier project, to be managed by
the CCINS, has been initiated. A "chemical identifier" is intended to be a
meaningful alphanumeric text string that can uniquely identify a chemical
compound and facilitate its handling in computer databases. This code would
be the equivalent of an IUPAC systematic name but would be designed to be
easily used by computers. The Identifier could also include other
information about the specific substance in question. Since there are
several issues to be resolved, the participants in the Nomenclature Round
Table recommended that the feasibility of the project and resolution of
these issues be carried out as soon as possible by representatives of a wide
range of interested parties. Drs. Stephen R. Heller and Steve Stein (NIST)
were asked to recommend a list of individuals and groups that should be
consulted initially and to propose a framework for addressing the issues.

3. IUPAC has agreed to play a lead role in representing the international
chemistry communities in the development of Chemical Markup Language (CML),
which is an extension of the more general XML (Extended Markup Language)
with special ability to handle chemical information. XML is a new standard
being adopted by web publishers worldwide. It is expected to replace the
current standard HTML over the next few years.



The IUPAC Strategic Plan 2000-2001 is now available on the IUPAC Web site.
The url is: http://www.iupac.org/news/archives/2000/strategic-plan/index.html

or, follow the links from the News & Notices page.


John W. Jost, Ph.D.
Executive Director

IUPAC Secretariat
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Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3757
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E-mail: secretariat@iupac.org

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