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[Fwd: John Perry Barlow in Wired]

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From: Barry Mahon <mahons1@EIRCOM.NET>
Subject: John Perry Barlow in Wired
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I got this from Current Cites, some of you may already have seen it,
apologies for the duplication in that case.

Barlow, John Perry. [11]"The Next Economy of Ideas." [12]Wired
   (October 2000): 240-252
   (http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/8.10/download.html). - Building on
   his famous article [13]The Economy of Ideas, John Perry Barlow looks
   at the issue of copyright in the [14]Napster era. As Barlow comments
   "no law can be successfully imposed on a huge population that does not
   morally support it and possesses easy means for its invisible
   evasion." Launching into a scathing criticism of the entertainment
   industry and their attempts to protect intellectual property using
   such means as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Barlow sees the
   media behemoths as fighting a losing battle. In his call to arms the
   future is one where "there will be no property in cyberspace." If
   there is no property how will those creating content be rewarded and
   given incentives? He believes that the interests of creators will be
   assured by practical values: "relationship, convenience,
   interactivity, service and ethics." Summing his stance up Barlow
   envisages artists entering into relationships with consumers who will
   be ethically inclined to pay for services. While some will still
   dismiss him as a hippy out of touch with the reality of the modern
   economy his ideas are thoughtful, provocative and he might just be
   right. - [15]ML

Not sure that many of you will agree that "relationship, convenience,
interactivity, service and ethics" will be sufficient incentive.....

Bye, Barry Mahon


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