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[Fwd: Status of the OAIS Reference Model Draft Standard]

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From: Gail Hodge <Gailhodge@AOL.COM>
Subject: Status of the OAIS Reference Model Draft Standard
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After I returned from the Winter Meeting, I received this response from Don
Sawyer of the Open Archival Information System Reference Model committee in
response to my inquiry about the status of the draft standard. Sorry, I can't
expand all the acronyms, but I think you'll get the idea that the work is
moving forward and they value the comments from the ICSTI community.  -- Gail

I'm providing some material on the status of the OAIS reference
model for presentation to ICSTI.  First, here is text from the
executive summary of our recent CCSDS(Consultative Committee on Space Data
Systems)/ISO workshop, held in the UK the first week of November, 2000.

- - - -
Significant progress was made on the Open Archival Information
Systems (OAIS) Reference Model. Although the meeting occurred before
the ISO review had ended nevertheless a large number of CCSDS RIDS
were addressed from a number of international organisations. The
more important of these led to the agreement that, for clarity, the
"preservation" related activities should be transferred to a new
functional entity labelled "Preservation Planning" in the functional
model. This change will require a short second ISO review and the
projected FDIS date is now September 2001. The remaining RIDS will
be resolved by email and telecon.

The number of projects in many countries which are basing work on
the OAIS Reference Model is a tribute to the way in which this
standard has been developed.

The standards which will follow on from the Reference Model are
being planned and a number of working groups for _Information
Submission, _Mission Archives, _Certification and _Software
Preservation - are being set up. In the USA and now in France, there
are national efforts bringing together industry, academia and
government to work in this area.
- - - - - -

The 'Preservation Planning' function will provide a definite home
for various preservation functions that previously were only
implicit, or were in other functions - primarily Administration.

We found the comments from ICSTI very useful and we are responding
favorably to many of them.  We will be sending out our responses,
over the next month, to all those that provided comments.  We plan
to have a revised OAIS draft available in April and this will go
out for review at that time.


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