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[Fwd: Action Requested: Life Science Explorer Evaluation]

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From: Gail Hodge <Gailhodge@AOL.COM>
Subject: Action Requested: Life Science Explorer Evaluation
Approved-by: crandall@DTIC.MIL
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Dear ICSTI Members,

At the Winter Meeting, the Life Sciences Group proposed an evaluation of its
prototype Life Science Explorer tool.  The U.S. Geological Survey/Biological
Resources Division is supporting this effort.

The Life Science Explorer provides information about coverage of life science
topics by those members who cover life science information.  The contributors
to the prototype include the National Biological Information Infrastructure
(USGS/BRD), the U.S. Defense Technical Information Center, the European
Patent Office, BIOSIS/Zoological Record, and INIST.

The group developed a high level taxonomy for the life sciences.  For each
keyword, the database provider gives information about how a particular
database covers that topic.  In some cases, links are also provided to the
controlled vocabulary used by that database, or access is provided directly
to the database for searching.

This has been a prototype effort to-date, but the development group and ICSTI
is interested in knowing if this approach (or something similar) serves a
user need.  The audiences to which the prototype has been geared are
primarily librarians, information specialists, and end users who might have
need for life science information beyond the databases with which they are

I am currently recruiting participants for this evaluation.  It will involve
looking at the system for approximately 40-45 minutes and then answering a
brief online survey, which might take another 15 minutes.  The evaluation
will start within the next week or two, and must be completed by 1 April.

If you know of anyone who matches the audience description above and who
might be interested in participating in this evaluation, please let me know.
 I think that participants will find it interesting, and a thorough
evaluation will help the ICSTI members to determine if this approach is of
interest is valid not only for the life sciences, but for other disciplines.

Please let me know the contact information for those participants whom you
suggest.  If you would like to forward this message to them, I would
certainly appreciate your endorsement.

Thank you for your help,

Gail Hodge


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