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July news from ICSTI

Dear members

Please find attached the latest news from Executive Director Barry

Kind regards

Sarah Byrne, Administrator
51, boulevard de Montmorency
75016 Paris, FRANCE
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News for ICSTI Members July 15 2001

1. MCB University Press has changed its name to Emerald and is aiming to
lead the field in the supply of online full text articles. At the same
time the company has announced a new version of the Library Link site
which aims to "facilitate the global dissemination of information for
librarians". Subject categories covered include: library collection
development and management; library management and information services,
library technology. The site features a news section, virtual workshops
and links to the Emerald library journals, paid-for journals which
support the site. http://www.emeraldinsight.com/librarylink/

2. The Library and Information Research Group invites applications for
the 2001 Elsevier/LIRG Research Award.  The purpose of the Award is to
encourage research and innovation in library and information science. 
It is intended that particular attention will be paid to proposals
intended to improve the accessibility, retrievability and usefulness of
information. The maximum value of the Award is 1000 Further information
from Email: noeleencookman@compuserve.com

Two initiatives for bridging the digital divide:

3.	eIFL Direct (Electronic Information for Libraries Direct) was
launched on September 1, 1999 by the Open Society Institute (OSI), a
part of the Soros Foundations Network.  The mission of the project is to
bridge the digital divide in the countries of the Soros Foundations

eIFL Direct currently offers more than 5,000 full-text journals both
online and in CD/DVD format.  Access is available to over 2,000
libraries and research institutions in 39 countries.  The project will
expand to approximately 60 countries in 2002, with the addition of a
significant number of Western African countries as well as Indonesia. 

eIFL is now in the process of expanding its content offerings through
two new projects:
eIFL Health and eIFL Science and Technology. The latter will be will be
launched in July 2001 at two public meetings of Science and Technology
This will be launched in July 2001 at two public meetings in New York on
the 17th and Amsterdam on the 24th of Science and Technology publishers.
These will provide a public forum in which the project will be
described, along with the criteria for evaluation of bids. STM is
co-ordinating the bids of their Members.

4.	Six major publishers are giving third-world universities and
laboratories free access to over 1,000 electronic medical journals.  The
gift was coordinated by the World Health Organization. The participating
publishers are Blackwell, Elsevier, Harcourt General, Springer-Verlag,
Wiley & Sons, and Wolters Kluwer. The program is the latest phase of the
larger UN effort, Health  InterNetwork, which makes all kinds of
electronic information, from journals to software, freely available to
underdeveloped countries.  The UN is working with private sector
partners including WebMD Foundation and the Gates Foundation, although
these organizations are not paying the publishers to provide access.

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