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Re: EPC-L: 1000 batch run of Xtal Nexus CD-ROMs

Congratulations too, Lachlan.

I would be happy to receive a few to let it know around in french
speaking countries.



Lachlan Cranswick a écrit :

> Sorry for not keeping people up to date till now - have been
> in a rush getting the following ready for the AsCA meeting in
> India.
> Just a quick word that the 1000 batch of Xtal Nexus CD-ROMs
> arrived today (funded by the IUCr).  Mike Dacombe and Andrea
> Sharp doing on the IUCr and art-work side of things.
> 400 have just been couriered off to T. N. Guru Row in
> Bangalore, India for the Asian Crystallographic Association
> meeting.
> If anyone wants a batch sent their way for any applications, demo,
> etc - feel free to Email.  There will be an advert for the CD-ROMs
> in the next CPD newsletter by the looks - and once I pack ~250
> envelopes for existing subscribers to the CD-ROM - I will be
> posting announcements out to the newsgroups, etc.  (Not that
> many will be left after doing the mailout)
> Main difference with this CD and last time is the CD artwork is
> printed in colour.
> Cheers,
> Lachlan.
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