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[Fwd: first degree for Bill Gates]

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From: Marie Wallin <mw@LIB.KTH.SE>
Subject: first degree for Bill Gates
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I can not let it pass without telling ICSTI members:

In 2002 KTH celebrates 175 years of existence. Many events will mark this
anniversary year a.o the ICSTI Public Conference on June 17

.. or the promotion of Bill Gates at Doctor Honoris Causa at the Royal
Institute of Technology (KTH) yersterday. He told the journalists that he
was very honored by this degree specially as it was his first (academic)
degree. Some pictures at http://www.kth.se/175/gates.html.

The faculty collegium`s statement for the award was:

Bill Gates has been awarded this honorary title because, in his leadership,
he has demonstrated the opportunities provided by information technology
and has assisted the introduction of computers and software into the homes
and workplaces of almost every member of the world's industrialised
societies. Information technology will, in the future, affect the everyday
life of the population as well as the development of industry and society
to an even greater degree than at present. Through Microsoft, Bill Gates is
at the cutting edge of this development.

Have a nice weekend/Marie

Marie Wallin
Project manager and International relations
Royal Institute of Technology Library, Stockholm
KTHB, S-10044 Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)8 790 8974 Fax: +46 (0)8 790 7466. E-mail: mw@lib.kth.se


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