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DOI News - March 2002

In this issue:

1. ONIX & DOI to be interoperable
2. Indecs2RDD data dictionary development continues to next stage  
3. DOI Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions revised  

1. ONIX and DOI 

EDItEUR (http://www.editeur.org) and the International DOI Foundation
(IDF) have announced their intention to ensure that users of the ONIX
(Online Information Exchange) metadata specification, the
international standard for representing book, serial and video product
information in electronic form, and DOI will be able to easily achieve

EDItEUR is committed to managing ONIX in such a way that any DOI
Registration Agencies who choose to use it will get the support they
need, and the user community can be assured that different
applications of ONIX and DOIs will be consistent wherever they
overlap. The International DOI Foundation is committed to ensuring
that ONIX specifications can be easily used in developing DOI
Applications. For more information see

2. Indecs2RDD Data Dictionary 

The International DOI Foundation (IDF) is continuing to support the
development of a rights data dictionary as part of a consortium with
the Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), the Recording
Industry Association of America (RIAA), the International Federation
of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Enpia Systems, and Melodies and
Memories Global (a subsidiary of Dentsu), working with Rightscom as
project manager and technical consultants.  This common dictionary or
vocabulary for intellectual property rights is being developed to
enable the exchange of key information between content industries and
e-commerce trading of intellectual property rights, and is accepted as
the basis for the ISO MPEG-21 Rights Data Dictionary. The work now
being done is a further development of work supported by IDF and
partners on the basis of <indecs> which led to the adoption by MPEG-21
after review in a call for proposals (see DOI News November 2001,

IDF has supported all the <indecs> activities since its inception and
first phase (http://www.indecs.org/) and will use the data dictionary
as the basis for ensuring well-structured, interoperating, DOI
Application Profiles. DOIs will be an implementation of the <indecs>
concept, and are identifiers formally accepted within the MPEG-21
multimedia framework. 

At the recent MPEG meeting in Jeju, Korea, the MPEG RDD standard
progressed to the next stage of the formalisation process, and is on
schedule to become a committee draft later this year.  For more
information see

3.  DOI Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions 

The Frequently Asked Questions on the DOI web site
(http://www.doi.org/faq.html) have been completely re-written, with
the aim of making them simpler, consistent, and providing reference to
the appropriate section of the new DOI Handbook.

Edition 2 of the DOI Handbook (http://dx.doi.org/10.1000/182) has now
been published: it is 70% larger than the first edition (February
2001) and contains much more practical detail gained over the past
year.  The Handbook now incorporates material which was previously
separate or in the more extensive earlier FAQs on the website. 


The DOI is a system for interoperably identifying and exchanging
intellectual property in the digital environment. A DOI assigned to
content enhances a content producer's ability to trade electronically.
It provides a framework for managing content in any form at any level
of granularity, for linking customers with content suppliers, for
facilitating electronic commerce, and enabling automated copyright
management for all types of media. The International DOI Foundation, a
non-profit organization, manages development, policy and licensing of
the DOI to registration agencies and technology providers and advises
on usage and development of related services and technologies. The DOI
system uses open standards with a standard syntax (ANSI/NISO Z39.84)
and is currently used by leading international technology and content

This is a service announcement for the International Digital Object
Identifier Foundation and has been prepared to increase you awareness
about important developments to enable digital copyright management of
intellectual property. For more information, please contact

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