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Subject: FW: online digital preservation handbook ...
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Subject: online digital preservation handbook ...

All: the attached note announcing the Digital Preservation Coalition
website and handbook just came across on the digital library listserv,
and is sent mainly as an FYI.

Many of the projects are those summarized so well by Gail Hodge at the
ICSTI meeting in Feb and at the CODATA meeting last month in S Africa.

This site's content (focused as it is on digital library and published
literature issues) illustrates the kind of information that is missing
regarding preservation of digital scientific and technical data, and
that we are in a position to supply. It also provides a potential
model for the kind of information that might be provided on an
ICSTI/CODATA S&T data archiving portal.

Also, creating a similar handbook for scientific and technical data
could also provide a valuable resource for scientists in all parts of
the world.

Bill Anderson

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From: Terry Kuny <terry.kuny@xist.com>
To: DIGLIB <diglib@infoserv.inist.fr>
Subject: Online digital preservation handbook and DPC website
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 11:03:37 -0400
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From: Nbeagrie@aol.com
Subject: announcing launch of online digital preservation handbook
and DPC website

apologies for any cross-posting

dear all

the DPC are pleased to announce the launch of our new website  at
www.dpconline.org and the online edition of Preservation Management
of Digital Materials. The site also includes a web version of the
first issue of Whats New in Digital Preservation a collaboration
between the DPC and PADI. Please take a look around the site and let
us have any feedback - I never want to proof-read and re-check it
again (for a while at least)but if anyone spots an error or has
constructive feedback this will be very welcome! Text of a press
release below


For immediate release

Digital Preservation Coalition launches web-site and online  version
of digital preservation handbook

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) website - www.dpconline.org
goes live today providing a platform for the dissemination of DPC
research and writing and makes available  an online version of the
Preservation Management of Digital Materials:A Handbook  - an
authoritative and practical guide to the subject of managing digital
resources over time and the issues in sustaining access to them.

As  digital information becomes increasingly important to our
culture, knowledge base and economy  the DPC website will provide  a
resource for  all those involved in the creation and management of
digital materials.

The DPC officially launched at the House of Commons in February 2002.
The aim of the Coalition is to secure the preservation of digital
resources in the UK and to work  with others internationally to
ensure that  access to our global digital memory and knowledge base
is not lost.

The DPC has the following long-term goals:

 producing, providing and disseminating information on current
research and practice and building expertise amongst its members to
accelerate their learning
 instituting a concerted effort to get digital preservation on the
agenda of key stakeholders
 acting in concert to make arguments for adequate funding to secure
the nation's investment in digital resources and ensure and enduring
global digital memory
 providing a common forum for the development and co-ordination of
digital preservation strategies in the UK
 promoting and developing services, technology and standards
 forging strategic alliances with agencies nationally  and internationally
 attracting funding to the Coalition

The launch of the website, and online version of the Preservation
Management of Digital Materials, marks the next phase in the DPC's
development and is a significant step towards addressing one of the
Coalition's main goals: the commitment to disseminating information
and sharing outcomes.

This handbook, originally published by The British Library in October
2001 and developed through funding from Resource: the Council for
Museums, Archives and Libraries, and the British Library Co-operation
and Partnership Programme, is based on research by staff from the
Joint Information Systems Committee of the UK Higher and Further
Education Funding Councils (JISC) and the Arts and Humanities Data
Service.  The handbook is aimed at a broad audience and is intended
to provide guidance to institutions at national, regional and local
levels who are involved in or contemplating creation and/or
acquisition of digital materials. In a rapidly changing environment
the web version of the handbook can be updated on a regular basis to
ensure currency of web references and cited projects. Development of
the online edition has been funded by the Digital Preservation
Coalition and completed by Neil Beagrie and Brett Scillitoe on behalf
of the DPC.

Endorsements and reviews of the Handbook:

"For some years, Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones have quietly been
making an outstanding contribution to the development of digital
preservation - on both sides of the global e-village. This
publication amply demonstrates their skills at bringing together the
best information, analysing it and synthesising it to produce
practical advice, and adding their own highly valued ideas. This is
the big picture, close up and intimate."
Colin Webb, Director Preservation Services, National Library of Australia

"The ever-increasing range of digital information is bringing new
challenges in terms of understanding and managing the digital
lifecycle, and the preservation of electronic resources will be just
as important to our future as the existing great collections of our
archives, libraries, and museums. It is impossible to imagine how
generations to come will gain insight into our society and our lives
without getting access to that growing range of resources.
Preservation Management of Digital Materials is an essential tool
both to raise awareness of the risks we run if we do not take digital
preservation seriously and to give a sense of direction for those
directly involved in the digital lifecycle."
Chris Batt, Director of Learning and Information Society, Resource:
The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries

"This will undoubtedly become a key reference text on all aspects of
digital preservation"
Alison Horsburgh, National Archives of Scotland

"Over the past few years the U.K. has been a hot spot for digital
preservation activity. With the publication of Preservation
Management of Digital Materials, Maggie Jones and Neil Beagrie have
provided some of the most pragmatic information available today to
assist cultural institutions in addressing digital preservation
threats. It not only offers vetted guidance on available resources,
but encourages the reader to think carefully about the issues,
through a combination of case studies, commentary, checklists, and
decision trees."
Anne Kenney Associate Director, Department of Preservation, Cornell
University, USA

"If you are in any doubt of the need for digital preservation, read
this handbook. If you need education on the place of digital
preservation in the larger scheme of access and management, and on
the many issues it raises, use this handbook. And if you want a
usable source of definitive references on just about every aspect of
digital preservation, pop a copy of this handbook on your shelf. "
Marc Fresko EDM & ERM Consulting Services Director, Cornwell Affiliates plc

Notes to editors:

1) The DPC is a consortium of 19 major UK organisations which aims to
ensure that digital archiving is kept on the policy agenda.
Information about its work can be found at www.dpconline.org.
Organisations on the board of the DPC include the British Library,
Consortium of University Research Libraries, Joint Information
Systems Committee of the Higher and Further Education Funding
Councils (JISC), National Archives of Scotland, OCLC (Online Computer
Library Centre), Public Record Office, Public Record Office for
Northern Ireland, Resource: the Council for Museums, Archives and
Libraries, and the University of London Computer Centre. Associate
members of the DPC include: Association of Learned and Professional
Society Publishers, Central Information Technology Unit for Northern
Ireland, Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils,
National Electronic Library for Health, National Library of Scotland
, National Library of Wales , Publishers Association, Research
Libraries Group, Trinity College Library Dublin, Wellcome Trust

For further information please contact Anna Arthur/ Tom Coupe at Anna
Arthur PR on 020 7637 2994/info@aapr.co.uk


Neil Beagrie                         JISC Digital Preservation Focus
Programme Director             Secretary, Digital Preservation Coalition
JISC London Office,              Tel/Fax/Voicemail :+44 (0)709 2048179
King's College London          email:       preservation@jisc.ac.uk
Strand Bridge House            url:
138 - 142, The Strand,                          www.dpconline.org
London WC2R 1HH              email list:



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