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Re: Report of IUCr Representative to CODATA 2000-2002

Dear all,

I was out thus silent (which is rare coming from me!).

I am also very pleased about the paper. We can be very proud of the work done
in Chester to "electronify" all the issues of the journals.

I was at EUNIS 2002 in Porto and I meet Derek Law from Strathclyde who spoke,
among other things, about the problem of scientific publications. I believe
Brian knows him.

I was pleased to learn that he was making a big difference between Scientific
Associations such as IUCr and private editors such as Elsevier or Springer.
He agrees that publication at no cost is irrealistic and seems to understand
the view of our organization. This is good to know these days with the debate
about free publication.

Best regards.


Brian McMahon a écrit :

> > > made available PDF page
> > > images of all articles published in IUCr journals since 1948.
> >
> >   This phraseology makes it sound as though we have backscanned to 1948
> > and that there are still other pre-1948 publications which need to be
> > scanned.
> Good point. I have changed it to read
> made available PDF page images of all articles published in IUCr journals
> since their inception in 1948.
> Thanks,
> Brian

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