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There is a lengthy article about Middlehoff in The Times of London today.
Describes his past Internet ventures and why his tendency to American-style
management did not fit in with Reinhard Mohn, the 81-year-old,
stereotypically conservative German, patriarch who controls the company.
(Not necessarily my views ...I quote)


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Subject: Two leave Bertlesmann

>From the Wall St Journal of today:

Note the information that Thomas Middlehoff has been "removed" also

Bye, Barry Mahon

Joel Klein Leaves Bertelsmann to Head New York Schools


Joel Klein, a top Bertelsmann AG executive in the U.S., is leaving the
company to
become chancellor of New York City's public-school system.

Mr. Klein, the former chief of the U.S. Justice Department's antitrust
division, was
hired by Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Middelhoff in early 2001. Over the weekend,
Mr. Middelhoff was ousted  by Bertelsmann's controlling shareholders.

Mr. Klein didn't have any operating responsibility at Bertelsmann and his
departure comes as little surprise to company executives. He had been
involved in Bertelsmann's  negotiations to buy online music service Napster
which recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

Mr. Klein couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

The appointment of Mr. Klein to head New York City's schools was announced
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"We need somebody with intelligence, we need somebody that is innovative, we
need somebody with impeccable integrity, we need somebody with management
skills, we need somebody with  scholarship," said Mr. Bloomberg. "We have
found exactly that person in Joel Klein."

"I pledge to do all that I can to give each child in the city of New York a
education and the keys to unlock what this magnificent world has to offer,"
Mr. Klein, who  attended public schools in Brooklyn and Queens and briefly
in New York City,

Mr. Klein, who launched the case to break up Microsoft Corp. and won record
criminal fines against international price fixers, will succeed Harold Levy
as leader
of the largest school  system in the U.S., which is beset by low test
scores, high
dropout rates and a teacher shortage.

During Mr. Klein's four-year tenure with the Justice Department, the
blocked or altered about 170 mergers. In 220 criminal price-fixing cases, 52
executives were sent to  prison, corporations paid $1.7 billion in fines and
individuals paid another $21 million.

When Mr. Klein left, Professor William E. Kovacic of the George Washington
University Law School ranked Mr. Klein among the three most influential
ever to head the Justice  Department's antitrust division, along with
Arnold in the Roosevelt administration of the late 1930s and early 1940s and
William Baxter in the first Reagan administration in  the early 1980s.


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