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Re: EPC: putting out-of-print Xtal textbooks on-line?

This seems to be a good idea and there are plenty of books. I just 
searched a fex days before finding a copy of a book about crystal 
defects by Read and I had the same feeling than Lachlan.

Selecting books to be recorded belong to the Editors to establish an 
ad-hoc Committee because I believe there are more books to be archived 
than it is possible to do. How about copyright also?



Lachlan Cranswick a écrit:

>Quick one from me.
>Have been down at Kings College today giving Stanley Nyburg a hand 
>with some computing issues.  This brought up the topic of archiving
>old crystallographic text books on the web for historial and scholarly 
>Would this be a good thing for the IUCr to be doing where
>What are the thoughts of this?  It could create some nifty
>historical resources - as well as assist with good teaching
>resources and XRD diagrams for teaching.  (many of the early
>books seem to have put quite a lot of effort into their
>E.g. as a starter.
>X-ray Analysis of Organic Structures by S.C. Nyburg (1961)
>  (Stan owns the copyright on this - and does not see a problem
>   putting this on the web - was my suggestion he consider this)
>(for the above book - if the IUCr did not see the point of this - 
>I would be relatively keen to try putting a scanned version on my
>personal website)
>Other possiblities(?) (though am not personally sure of copyright
>Booth: Fourier Techniques in X-ray Organic Structure Analysis
>Lipson and Cochran - The Determination of Crystal Structures
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