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ICSTI: news items

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  • Subject: ICSTI: news items
  • From: Pete Strickland <ps@iucr.org>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 16:00:24 +0100
  • Organization: IUCr
Subject: Report on digital deposit practises

At this site: http://www.europeanlibrary.org/pdf/tel_d1.2v1.0.pdf

you will find a report from an EU funded project being undertaken by 
Liesbeth Oskamp of the (NL) Koninklijke Bibliotheek.

Here is the abstract from the report:

This report is the second deliverable of work package 1 (WP1) of the 
TEL (The European Library) project, presenting the results of a 
questionnaire on digital depositing among European publishers.

This report has two important outcomes:

1. More dialogue with publishers is needed to fully learn how optimal 
co-operation between publishers and national libraries can be 
reached. The survey presented here is just a starting point.
2. A condition for obtaining the support of publishers for TEL is that 
agreements between TEL and publishers on the deposit of digital 
publications are bilateral agreements. The differences in national 
circumstances and in the wishes and demands of individual publisher 
make that necessary.

As a follow-up face-to-face visits with publishers will provide more 
detailed information necessary to draw up an agenda for harmonisation 
between national libraries and publishers on digital deposit. The 
current CENL/FEP statement will be updated and a plan will be drawn 
up and executed to raise awareness on the statement. At the end of
the project a handbook will be compiled with guidelines on the digital 
depositing for libraries and publishers.

Subject: OAI-Rights - a white paper

At this url: 

You will find a white paper from the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) 
which explains the case for extending existing OAI protocols to cover 
Subject: WSIS, PrepCom 3 outcomes

At this URL: http://www.ipsnews.net/interna.asp?idnews=20344

You will find an agency report on the outcomes of this meeting, held 
in Geneva over the last two weeks.
Subject: European Parliament passes draft directive on computer 
related patents

The European Parliament yesterday approved a controversial proposal 
for a Directive on the patentability of computer- implemented 
inventions, but only after making amendments to ensure that patents 
would not be issued for "actual software."

The amendments to the original text have tightened the wording - the 
draft now states that a computer-implemented invention should not be 
regarded as making a technical contribution merely because it 
involves the use of a computer, network or other programmable 

This means that patents should not be granted for software inventions 
that implement business, mathematical or other methods and do not 
produce any technical effects beyond the normal physical interactions 
between a program and the machine or network on which it operates.

The draft was also amended to ensure that the use of a patented 
technique in order to ensure interoperability between two different 
computer systems or networks would not be regarded as a breach of 
that patent.

Finally, MEPs have worded the law to ensure that suppliers cannot be 
sued for infringing a patent - so only the end-users face this risk.

EU Commissioner Bolkestein had warned at the start of the debate that 
if the amendments were passed then the Commission, which still has to 
approve the draft directive, could well withdraw the Directive. It is 
possible that the Commission would rather renegotiate the existing 
European Patent Convention than accept amendments that would, in its 
view, weaken the EU industry globally.

The draft directive now goes before the Council of Ministers on 10th 
November, and will then return to the Parliament for a second 

The report of the European Parliament Member who acted as rapporteur 
for the Parliament's examination of the draft can be found at:



Best wishes

Peter Strickland
Managing Editor
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