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Re: ICSTI: news items

Just an information about "fair use":

The French parliament is just passing a law that will allow the 
protection of CDs forbidding consumers to make backup copies.

Each country means a different interpretation!



Pete Strickland a écrit :

>Subject: UK implements EU copyright Directive
>The UK has implemented the latest EU Copyright Directive  see:
>for the details.
>One small extract:
>"Civil liberty advocates, meanwhile, have urged law makers to adopt 
>new laws that protect consumer freedoms, many of which are written 
>into law in the form of "fair use" exceptions for protected works.
>In some countries, including Germany, consumers are permitted to make 
>back-up copies of a purchased CD, for example. In the UK, however, no 
>such "fair use" provision exists.
>The EU directive failed to get member countries to agree on a single 
>set of "fair use" exceptions, setting the stage for a mishmash of 
>laws governing how consumers can store and play media and software on 
>their PCs or other digital devices"
>Although the comment is about  'consumer' type copying the 'mismash' 
>is surely going to affect libraries and others concerned with copying 
>for clients. 
>Subject: MS on the acquisition trail again.....
>Microsoft reportedly approached Google within the past two months 
>about the possibility of a merger. Google--the leader among search 
>engines--generates significant ad revenues. Google, for the moment, 
>appears to have rejected Microsoft's overture, focusing instead on 
>its recently revealed intentions to pursue an initial public
>offering (IPO). Microsoft might still consider a merger after Google 
>goes public, however, according to one source. Plans for Google's IPO 
>remain undecided. Google's founders reportedly have considered an 
>auction-style public offering, avoiding using financial institutions 
>to underwrite the IPO. Many banks are continuing to bid for the IPO, 
>however, believing that Google executives will ultimately opt for a 
>traditional approach.
>New York Times, 31 October 2003 (registration req'd)
>Subject: Open Archives Forum Tutorial on the OAI PMH
>The Open Archives Forum has created an online tutorial for the Open 
>Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. It can be found 
>This OAI Protocol online tutorial is based on two substantial 
>pre-workshop tutorials the OA-F project ran in 2002-3, during its 
>workshop series in Europe. A number of people contributed to these, 
>including Andy Powell and Pete Cliff of UKOLN, and Uwe Muller of
>Humboldt University in Berlin. The material was developed to an extent 
>out of materials created by various members of the OAI itself, 
>including Herbert van de Soempel, Michael Nelson, etc. The OA-F has 
>built on the experience of  these live tutorials, and the online 
>version covers most of what potential implementers of the protocol 
>need to know. As well as extensive referencing within the tutorial, 
>it also points to relevant external resources.
>Annual Course and Conference:LIBRARIES IN THE DIGITAL AGE (LIDA) 2004
>Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25-29 May, 2004, Inter-University Centre 
>Don Ivana Bulica 4, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia.
>Course web site: http://www.pedos.hr/lida Course email: lida@pedos.hr
>The general aim of the annual conference and course Libraries in the 
>Digital Age  (LIDA), started in 2000, is to address the changing and 
>challenging environment for libraries and information systems and 
>services in the digital world, with an emphasis on examining 
>contemporary problems, advances and solutions. Each year a
>different and ?hot? theme is addressed, divided in two parts; the 
>first part covers research and development and the second part 
>addresses advances in applications and practice. LIDA seeks to bring 
>together researchers, practitioners, and developers in a forum for 
>personal exchanges, discussions, and learning, made easier by being 
>held in memorable locations.

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