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The devil you don't know

The devil you don't know: The unexpected future of Open Access publishing
by Joseph J. Esposito

With the advent of the Internet and online publishing, the notion has arisen
that access to the world's
research publications could be made available to one and all for free,
presumably by shifting the
costs to other places in the value chain and disintermediating publishers, a
circumstance called Open
Access (OA) publishing. While there are many hopes embedded in this view
(lower costs, wider
access, etc.), it appears more likely that Open Access will come about not
through a revolution in the
world of legacy publishing, but through upstart media built with the innate
characteristics of the
Internet in mind. An unanticipated outcome of this situation will be that the
overall cost of research
publications will rise, though the costs will be borne by different players,
primarily authors and their


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