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ICSTI: news items

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  • Subject: ICSTI: news items
  • From: Pete Strickland <ps@iucr.org>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 08:32:59 +0000
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Subject: Laurent Romary appointed INIST/CNRS research diffusion official
Date: Monday 24 January 2005 12:23 am
From: Barry Mahon <barry.mahon@IOL.IE>

STI Centre members present in Paris on Jan 7th will have had a preview of this 

As of 10 January 2005, Laurent Romary
on the recommendation of a committee chaired by Bernard Pau
has been appointed by the Director of the CNRS
Bernard Larrouturou
as the << chargé de mission pour l'IST auprès du directeur général >>
which means he will be the INIST official in charge of reporting to the CNRS 
director on the "diffusion" (dissemination, distribution) of CNRS research 


(INIST is the CNRS's Institute of Scientific and Technical Information
which is in charge of the dissemination of CNRS research output.
CNRS covers most of the learned disciplines in France -- "science"
stands for science and also scholarship, humanities, social science --
and includes a large portion of the active researchers all over France,
whether associated with or not associated with universities. Medicine
is separate: INSERM. But Bernard Pau is biological sciences director
of CNRS.)

The (french) text about Romary's appointment is on this site:
which is not working at the moment, but if you but go to google and put in
pau romary this will provide the google html version.

Laurent Romary will be presenting the CNRS OA policy plans
at the february Berlin 3 meeting on OA:

ICSTI Member USGS is one of the sponsor's of the Berlin Meeting

Bye, Barry


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Subject: Stevan Harnad's commetary on the NIH decision
Date: Monday 24 January 2005 12:23 am
From: Barry Mahon <barry.mahon@IOL.IE>

I haven't seen the original decision yet, but as usual Stevan is off the 

Bye, Barry

"Although the original NIH-6 mandate -- that the authors of all journal
articles reporting NIH-funded research must make their articles freely
accessible on the Web within 6 months of publication -- would already have
been a compromise (because Open Access (OA) to research findings needs
to be immediate), NIH-6 was nevertheless stoutly defended in the
American Scientist Open Access Forum.

But it now looks as if the NIH-6 mandate has mutated under pressure into
the "NIH-12 invitation" -- that all authors of journal articles reporting
NIH-funded research are invited to make their articles freely accessible
on the Web within 12 months of publication.

NIH-12 falls far short of what both the House of Representatives and
the Senate recommended. NIH-12 does not provide Open Access (OA, which
is defined as immediate, permanent, free online access). It is OA that
research, researchers, research funders, and the funders of the research
funders (the tax-paying public) need. It is OA that maximises the usage,
impact, productivity, progress and benefits of research for everyone.

In biomedical research especially, 12-month-delayed access is not Open
Access, it is Legacy Access, to the old, back-volume literature, not
to the growth region of biomedical science. The main purpose of OA is to
make the cutting edge of research available to all its would-be users
worldwide, not just to those users who happen to be at institutions that
can afford to subscribe to the journal in which the research happened
to be published. NIH-12 will make very little difference to research
progress, particularly as more and more journals are making their legacy
back-volumes freely accessible online already anyway.

Hence it is now more important than ever that other research-funders,
institutions, universities and governments worldwide should resist the
inevitable tendency to copy-cat clone the NIH-12 policy as the answer
to their OA needs, just because the NIH did it. NIH-12 is not an answer
to OA needs. It is not OA at all. If I had known it would come to this,
I would never have defended it.



Best wishes

Peter Strickland
Managing Editor
IUCr Journals

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