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ICSTI: news items

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  • Subject: ICSTI: news items
  • From: Pete Strickland <ps@iucr.org>
  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 17:18:31 +0100
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Subject: Fwd: New Study on Fair Use - Australia
Date: Sunday 15 May 2005 9:45 am
From: Barry Mahon <barry.mahon@IOL.IE>

Dear All,

This is forwarded from Bernard Dumouchel, Chair of ICSTI's Information Policy 
Committee. Bernard feels Members will be interested in this work and also 
that copyright should be a topic for ICSTI Members to keep under review.

If you have opinions or suggestions please communicate them to Bernard  - 
Bernard.Dumouchel@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca -

Bye, Barry

New Study on Fair Use

The Australian Attorney General has just released an Issues Paper entitled 
"Fair Use and Other Copyright Exceptions." The paper is a must-read for 
anyone interested in fair dealing and fair use issues. It was prepared to 
elicit comments on the options it proposes.


"The issues paper outlines the nature of copyright under the Copyright Act, 
the nature of and rationale for exceptions and the impact of relevant 
international obligations. It then discusses fair dealing exceptions under 
the Act and proposals for reform made in reports by the Copyright Law Review 
Committee (CLRC) and the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT). ‘Fair 
use’ under US copyright law – the focus of the review – is discussed, along 
with comparable exceptions under European Community (EC) directives and under 
the national laws of the UK, New Zealand and Canada. The use of technological 
protection measures and of new forms of consumer contracts to restrict access 
to exceptions is referred to. The paper concludes by raising a number of 
possible options for reform. A table of the existing exceptions and statutory 
licences under the Copyright Act is an attachment to the paper"


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Subject: ....and departures at Ingenta
Date: Saturday 14 May 2005 11:43 am
From: Barry Mahon <barry.mahon@IOL.IE>

Also according to Scholarly Commmunications Report, Geoff Bilder, Sam Phillips 
and Patrick Cooke have left Ingenta.

Will the last person working in STI please switch off the lights when they 

Bye, Barry


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Subject: Research councils' requirements could bankrupt academic journals -- 
Mayor 330 (7497): 923 -- BMJ
Date: Saturday 14 May 2005 11:39 am
From: Barry Mahon <barry.mahon@IOL.IE>

This is an extract from an item in the BMJ reacting to the (draft) proposal 
from the UK Research Councils suggesting that grantees be mandated to deposit 
their articles in free repositories

<URL: http://bmj.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/extract/330/7497/923-a >

"Research councils' requirements could bankrupt academic journals

London; Susan Mayor

Journal publishers are concerned that a new proposal that requires all 
researchers who receive public research funding to post their results on 
publicly accessible electronic databases will lead to the financial collapse 
of many academic journals.

The proposal is in a consultation document from the Research Councils UK, 
which represents the eight research councils in the United Kingdom, including 
the Medical Research Council. The document considers the dissemination of, 
and access to, research outputs in the form of journal articles and 
conference proceedings.

The document says that ideas and knowledge derived from research funded with 
public money must be made available and accessible for public use, 
interrogation, and scrutiny, as widely, rapidly, and effectively as 

To achieve this, it proposes that research councils require any researcher 
awarded a grant from 1 October 2005 to deposit any resulting journal article 
or conference "in an appropriate e-print repository . . ."

If you are not a registered user you'll have to pay to read the rest....

Bye, Barry


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Subject: Bridget Taxy leaves Elsevier
Date: Saturday 14 May 2005 11:39 am
From: Barry Mahon <barry.mahon@IOL.IE>

According to Scholarly Communications Report, Bridget has left Elsevier. I 
received an email from her a while back asking me to change her email address 
but with no explanation.

Scholarly Communcations Report also says that Kathryn Grant, Jacquie Shanahan 
and Neil Warnock-Smith are also leaving Elsevier.

Bye, Barry


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Subject: Guardian Unlimited | Online | Medical researchers bankroll innovative 
online database
Date: Saturday 14 May 2005 9:02 am
From: Barry Mahon <barry.mahon@IOL.IE>

 From the UK Newspaper The Guardian, a report on the formation of UK PubMed 


"It will enable academic researchers to post papers published either online or 
in subscription-based scientific journals, on a single searchable database 
which anybody can access free.

The project is being bankrolled by a group of medical funders including the 
Wellcome Trust, the British Heart Foundation and the Arthritis Research 
Campaign with the support of the Joint Information Systems Committee, an 
expert advisory body indirectly funded by government.

The group yesterday called for organisations interested in running the 
database to submit tenders for the project by June 10"

<URL: http://www.guardian.co.uk/online/news/0,12597,1480999,00.html?gusrc=rss 



Best wishes

Peter Strickland
Managing Editor
IUCr Journals

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