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[Fwd: Florence General Assembly papers]

  • To: epc@iucr.org
  • Subject: [Fwd: Florence General Assembly papers]
  • From: Howard Flack <crystal@flack.ch>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 17:40:30 +0200
> Please forward this pdf to each member of your Commission.

   As the file is large and you may receive it from another source, I 
will send it to you if you specifically ask me for it. Address your 
request to crystal@flack.ch and not to this list.


  (I'm away next week so you'll have to wait a bit)

  To:              Chairs and Secretaries of Commissions
                     IUCr Representatives on Regional Associates, 
Scientific Associates and Other Bodies
                     Chairs of Sub-committees of the Executive Committee
                     Editor of the IUCr Newsletter

From:          The Executive Secretary

Subject:       Agenda and Appendices to Agenda for Twentieth General 

On behalf of the General Secretary, and in accordance with Statutes 6, 
8, 8.4 and 9.3 and By-Law 1.1, I have pleasure in sending you copies of 
the Agenda and Appendices to the Agenda, attached as a pdf to this 
message.  Please forward this pdf to each member of your Commission.  If 
you need a printed copy(ies) please contact me.

The first session of the General Assembly will be held on the evening of 
Wednesday 24 August.  The other sessions are currently scheduled for 25, 
28 and 29 August.

The Report of the Nineteenth General Assembly was published in Acta 
Cryst. (2003). A59, 374433 and a reprint has been sent to you.  Annexes 
to the Report listed (a) the Appendices to the Agenda of the Nineteenth 
General Assembly, (b) the Statutes and By-Laws of the IUCr, (c) the 
memberships of the IUCr Executive Committee, the Commissions and the 
Representatives on other bodies, and (d) details of the Adhering Bodies 
and the National Committees for Crystallography as known at the time of 

Yours sincerely

Mike Dacombe


Michael H. Dacombe
Executive Secretary
2 Abbey Square
Chester CH1 2HU

Telephone     44 1244 345 431
Fax          44 1244 344 843
Email          execsec@iucr.org

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