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Re: Fwd: Jan Velterop and Springer

3 000$ is quite a special Open Access !


Pete Strickland a écrit :
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Subject: Jan Velterop and Springer
Date: Sunday 21 August 2005 1:35 pm
From: Barry Mahon <barry.mahon@IOL.IE>

FYI, bye, Barry

Press Release

Springer strengthens its commitment to freely accessible research

Jan Velterop to help expand Open Choice
London / New York / Berlin / Heidelberg, August 16, 2005

Springer has strengthened its commitment to innovation and customer
choice by appointing Jan Velterop to the newly created position of
Director of Open Access.

In July 2004 Springer launched “Springer Open Choice” a pioneering
project which provides an additional publication option to the
traditional subscription model.  Authors can choose to make their
articles freely available worldwide on the Internet, for a fee of  3,000
US dollars. Open Choice is a further development of the Open  Access
concept which is supported by a section of the scientific  community.

Velterop is one of the most prominent figures of the Open Access
movement. He will be joining the company from BioMedCentral, an
established Open Access biomedical research publisher, where he was
Publishing Director.

Derk Haank, Springer’s CEO, comments: “Springer Open Choice has  attracted
constant attention within the publishing world since its  launch.
Springer is the first major commercial publisher to provide  an Open
Access model, making it a pioneer in the industry.  We are  now taking
a further step forward.  The appointment of Jan Velterop  creates an
internal champion for this second component of our  publishing policy,
making sure Open Access gets the required  attention both internally
and externally”.

“I am firmly convinced that Open Access publishing represents a  powerful
way to meet the needs of many authors and readers.  It  therefore fits
in ideally with Springer’s growth strategy”, adds Jan  Velterop.

“Open Choice” is an additional publication model which Springer  provides
for all its 1,250 journals. Consequently, authors can now  make their
articles available to readers free of charge on the  Internet, or publish
within the traditional subscription model, where  readers pay for the
information they use.  Open Choice articles are  freely accessible for no
charge to anyone, at any time, anywhere in  the world via SpringerLink,
the publisher’s online service.  The 3000  US dollar fee covers the
costs of Springer’s publishing service –  including a parallel printed
version of the article in an established  journal.

Open Choice articles are identical to those published in the  traditional
way.  They are subject to the same strict scientific peer  reviews
and also profit from the publisher’s full service – from  professional
editing, production, and printing to distribution via  established global
sales channels.  Springer also links the articles  to all reference
systems generally used in international electronic  publishing, and
provides indexing and abstract services.  Both  printed and electronic
articles remain subject to full copyright  protection.

For enquiries, please contact:

Sabine Schaub, Springer Science+Business Media, tel: +49 (0)30 / 827
87- 52 82, sabine.schaub@springer-sbm.com



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