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EPC: Don Knuth's "Crisis in Scientific" article

Hi All,

The following could show how out of the loop I am with this issue - but
has anyone read Don Knuth's (creator of TeX) "Crisis in Scientific

Via:  http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~uno/news03.html#videos

>For several years I've become more and more concerned about the fact
>that libraries are increasingly unable to afford the prices being
>charged by commercial publishers of scientific journals. In October I
>wrote a long letter to the editorial board of the Journal of Algorithms,
>explaining the current state of affairs as comprehensively and
>accurately as I could. Several people involved with other editorial
>boards have asked to see a copy of this letter, so I'm now posting it
>here in hopes that it will be helpful to anybody else who is trying to
>deal with this serious problem.

Direct link:


Also, (as per this article) what the is the price-per-page of IUCr


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