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EPC-L: IUCr journal articles where copyright is not transferred??

  • To: "IUCr Committee on Electronic Publishing, Dissemination and Storage of Information" <epc@iucr.org>
  • Subject: EPC-L: IUCr journal articles where copyright is not transferred??
  • From: Lachlan Cranswick <lachlanc@magma.ca>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 18:57:55 -0500

Hi All,

This might be an inappropriate forum(?) but the following also includes
electronic reproducion, and future styles of publishing, whatever they might

Currently the IUCr allows Crown-copyright to be maintained for a journal
article submitted by a government employee (have used it myself as a 
Canadian government employee).  But there seems to be no signed transfer 
of rights to the IUCr as occurs with the  standard IUCr copyright signover. 

So the IUCr is guaranteed all the required reproduction rights for these
articles (including electronic reproduction in current and "future forms")
does there need to be a similar sign-over document for government employees 
to sign over these reproduction rights, while technicially the author's 
employer (the government) still has the copyright)? 


Should (can?) the IUCr also be requesting/specifying exclusive reproduction 
rights for the articles? Even though the copyright is not being transferred.


Currently, there is also no copyright statement reproduced on these
types of articles in the IUCr journals.  Does there need to be a copyright 
statement to the effect (or some such legally kosher text):
  "Copyright 'required text here', with reproduction rights assigned to 
   the IUCr." ???


Lachlan M. D. Cranswick
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