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Re: Kindle e-Book service

Dear Brian,
(i) Please amend my EPC email address to :-
(ii) the kindle device was featured in The Times this week. As they remark it looks a bit clunky at present; I would like to try one though!
Dear Lachlan,
Apologies for my ignorance but what is the NEXUS CD (re CCP14)?

Brian McMahon <bm@iucr.org> wrote:
Quick note to welcome Bob Gould (ex officio as Crystallography
World Wide Editor) to the discussion list of the Electronic
Publishing Committee. The list has been fairly quiet of
late - I guess everyone has head down, working away.

If you haven't already seen the Amazon Kindle e-Book reader
and download service, it may be worth a quick glance:


Some interesting aspects here. In our opinion its usefulness is limited by
the US-centric cellphone system required for downloading content.
Nevertheless, we might try to get hold of one of these and load it up
with crystallography texts for display at meetings. There are a number
of IUCr/OUP books available (e.g. Mueller's Guide to SHELXL; see

http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_pg_3?ie=UTF8&rs=154606011&sort=-price&keywords=crystallography&rh=n%3A154606011%2Ck%3Acrystallography )

Doesn't look as though International Tables is available in this format
(although certainly some Springer titles are). It would be interesting to
see what use these would be on the device's rather small screen.

The underlying format is that of the Mobi e-Book reader. A couple of years
ago we did some experiments for Howard Flack in exploring how useful this
would be for technical material (I seem to remember we looked at a
crystallographic pamphlet and a chapter of International Tables G). There
are still significant limitations (the format is actually based on HTML).
Nevertheless, I'm curious to see what they have done with these
crystallography books; and I'm also intrigued by who has done the
conversion, and what the arrangements with the publishers have been.

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