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[SA_scat] USAS sessions at the ACA Meeting,17-22 July 2004 in Chicago

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  • Subject: [SA_scat] USAS sessions at the ACA Meeting,17-22 July 2004 in Chicago
  • From: JDB Science LLC <jdbscience@mac.com>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:57:57 -0500

Dear Colleagues,

Two half-day sessions on Ultra Small-Angle Scattering (X-rays and 
neutrons) will take place at the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the 
American Crystallographic Association, scheduled for 17 to 22 July 
2004, in Chicago. To advance the use and the range of applications of 
USAS, Pete Jemian, of the ACA Small-Angle Scattering Special Interest 
Group, is arranging the sessions. These will occur on the mornings of 
Wednesday, 21 (11.01: Science emphasis), and Thursday, 22 July (11.02: 
Techniques emphasis, followed by a workshop of the International 
Consortium on Ultra-Small-Angle Scattering, ICONUSAS). We call your 
attention to the ACA Call for Papers, and to the ACA website, 
<http://www.hwi.buffalo.edu/aca/>. We now solicit contributions of 
oral presentations or posters.

For these purposes, we loosely define Ultra-Small-Angle Scattering as 
that accessing Q-values less than 10-3 -1, mostly, we expect, but not 
exclusively by Bonse-Hart techniques.

The purpose of this second ICONUSAS workshop, after the first held at 
Oak Ridge last summer 
(http://www.sns.gov/iconusas_workshop/iconusas_2003.htm), is to 
facilitate exchange of technical information, to identify areas for 
collaborative efforts, and to reduce duplication of efforts in this new 
field, especially in its Time-of-Flight implementation. At that time, 
we hope to acclaim new leadership of the Consortium.

We remind you of the following deadlines:
Abstract Submission 1 March 2004
Advance Registration 1 June 2004
Travel Grant Applications 1 March 2004
Hotel Reservations 15 June 2004

Please submit your proposals to the ACA according to the instruction in 
the Call for Papers or the instructions on the website, 

Also, please forward this message to your colleagues who may be 

Jack Carpenter <jmcarpenter@anl.gov>
Ken Littrell <klittrell@anl.gov>
Pete Jemian <jemian@uiuc.edu>
Pappannan Thiyagarajan <thiyaga@anl.gov>

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