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[SA_scat] Actions from canSAS-IV

Dear Colleague and Fellow Small-Angle Scatterer,


CANSAS-IV took place at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, between May 
12-14 2004.  The meeting was attended by 60 delegates with interests in 
SAXS and SANS, and included a healthy overseas contingent.

A written report will appear in due course, but the attention of the 
Small-Angle Scattering (SAS) Community is drawn to the following 'ACTIONS' 
that arose out of some of the discussions:

1) The SAS Community is asked to place links from its own individual and 
instrument web pages to the main canSAS web site at 

2) The SAS community is then asked to actually VISIT(!) the canSAS web site;

3) Ron Ghosh (mailto:ron@ill.fr) - the canSAS webmaster - would welcome 
more material for the canSAS web site.

One suggestion at canSAS-IV was that the community might like to submit 
pdf's and links to articles about SAS-specific sample environment.  And the 
site already has a database of data treatment software that would benefit 
from more submissions.  Please send your ideas and material to Ron;

4) Many Synchrotron X-ray and Neutron facilities have now signalled their 
intention to provide RAW (ie, UNTREATED) data in the NeXus 
format.  Agreement on the basic NeXus 'class' structure should be reached 
by the end of June 2004 at which point the Instrument Definition File 
'editors' can begin their work.

The 'editors' for SAS are:
Ron Ghosh (ILL)        - for monochromatic SANS (mailto:ron@ill.fr)
Steve King (ISIS)      - for tof-SANS (mailto:s.m.king@rl.ac.uk)
who have in turn co-opted:
Nick Terrill (Diamond) - for SAXS (mailto:nick.terrill@diamond.ac.uk)

Due to the considerable synergy between the techniques of SAXS and SANS all 
three intend to collaborate closely.  Definitions will be circulated to the 
SAS Community for comment as they evolve.  But if anyone else is keen to 
get involved in the actual definition specification, please contact the 
'editors' as soon as possible.

5) An attempt is going to be made to formulate a 'canSAS-standard' 1D (I(Q) 
vs Q) TREATED file format.  A number of such formats already exist in the 
SAS Community (and all are usually ASCII, contain some header information 
about run numbers and data reduction, and end with some columns of data) so 
this should be relatively straightforward to accomplish.  The benefits for 
the actual Users within the SAS Community should be obvious.  It has been 
suggested that the discussion could take place via a Swiki.  Details will 
follow in due course;

It is intended to make the abstracts and some of the contributions from 
canSAS-IV available on the web and on CD-ROM.  Further details will also 
follow in due course.

Our best regards,

Steve King (ISIS)
Nick Terrill (Diamond)

canSAS-IV Local Organisers

! Please note that I shall be out of the office:             !
! 30 April, 12-14 May, 28 May-6 June                         !
! 29-30 June, 29 July-8 August 2004                          !
! canSAS-IV Workshop for Small-Angle Scatterers              !
! Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, 12-14 May 2004         !
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