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[SA_scat] BCA Industrial Group SAS Special Interest Meeting 2-3July 2007

British Crystallographic Association - INDUSTRIAL GROUP. 


Small Angle Scattering Special Interest Group Meeting


2 - 3 July 2007, ILL, Grenoble


REGISTRATION closes soon.


Meeting details see: http://bca.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/bca/ig/meet07SAX.htm 


Abstracts are in place at: http://bca.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/bca/ig/sas07abs/07abstr.htm 


Fees of £180 (£90) include 2 nights' accommodation and meals!


Bursaries: Note a limited number of sponsored bursaries are still available - apply directly to the Industrial Group on a meeting registration form ASAP.


Meeting Sponsors include PANalytical, Hecus, Anton Paar, Bruker AXS and Rigaku.



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