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[SA_scat] Positions available in SAXS at Diamond

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  • Subject: [SA_scat] Positions available in SAXS at Diamond
  • From: "King, SM (Stephen)" <S.M.King@rl.ac.uk>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 11:16:51 -0000

Dear Colleague,

Diamond Light Source has just announced a vacancy in the NCD group for an
experienced beamline scientist to work on the new Core SAXS beamline.


DIA0356/SB - Core SAXS Beamline Scientist (Beamline B21 - HATSAXS)

Salary is in the range £33k to £36k per annum, dependent on skills and ability. 

Diamond Light Source is a new synchrotron and a leading scientific facility
of its type in the world. Located on the Harwell Science and Innovation
Campus in South Oxfordshire, we will host research facilities supporting
cutting edge research in all fields of science

HATSAXS will be a high throughput Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)
beamline designed to assist I22 in carrying out the SAXS programme at
Diamond. SAXS has emerged as an essential technique used to unravel
structures in partly ordered and dynamic systems. It stands alongside
Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) and spectroscopic techniques engendering
an understanding of biological, geological and industrially important
materials & processes.

By building the beamline to the highest standards of data collection and
optical quality, it may be in demand for reference measurements in patent
definition and forensic science.

The vacancy is for an experienced beamline scientist who will be responsible
for the design and construction of the beamline and for supporting the user
programme when the beamline becomes operational.

For further details on applying for employment at Diamond, please visit our

'Application Form' page.

Appointments will be made depending on the skills and experience of the
candidate. Electronic Diamond application forms in MS-Word are preferred.
These should be emailed to  recruitment@diamond.ac.uk

Closing date for applications is 23 November 2007.


Diamond Light Source is also seeking suitably qualified candidates to fill a
number of other permanent positions which have just become available.


  DIA0357/SB Beamline Scientist I13 
  Beamline Scientist I13 
  Closing Date: 23/11/2007  
  DIA0355/SB Beamline Scientist B18 
  Beamline Scientist B18 
  Closing Date: 23/11/2007  
  DIA0362/SB Metrology Scientist 
  Metrology Scientist 
  Closing Date: 23/11/2007  
  DIA0354/SB Support Scientist I07 
  Beamline Support Scientist I07 
  Closing Date: 23/11/2007  
  DIA0356/SB - Core SAXS Beamline Scientist (Beamline B21 - HATSAXS) 
  Core SAXS Beamline Scientist (Beamline B21 - HATSAXS) 
  Closing Date: 23/11/2007  
  DIA0364/SB Mechanical Beamline Technician 
  Mechanical Beamline Technicians 
  Closing Date: 23/11/2007  
  DIA0363/SB Electronics / Instrumentation Beamline Technician 
  Electronics / Instrumentation Beamline Technician 
  Closing Date: 23/11/2007  
If you know of anyone who might be suitable, please bring the following
advertisement to their attention.

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