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[SA_scat] Ron Ottewill

Professor Ronald H Ottewill, OBE, FRS died on 4th June 2008, aged 81

He joined the former Physical Chemistry Department of the University of
Bristol in 1964 from the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University.
In 1982, he became the fourth Leverhulme Professor of Physical
Chemistry, a post he held until his retirement in 1992. He also, towards
the end of his career in Bristol, served as Head of the School of
Chemistry and also as Dean of Science.

His research output was prolific and diverse, with more than 300
original publications in fields ranging from novel, model colloidal
systems for studying inter-particle forces, to investigating the origins
and structures of coacervates in tea! His forte was "problem solving",
and using the appropriate experimental and theoretical tools to achieve
this, be it at the cutting edge of fundamental colloid science or some
industrial problem that needed the "Sherlock Holmes" touch! 

He published widely on the use of small-angle light and neutron
scattering for the study of colloidal systems.

He was a great teacher, and his lectures were always highly appreciated
by those who attended. He will be sadly missed by his family, friends,
and former students and colleagues.

[adapted from the University of Bristol website]

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