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[SA_scat] SAS-2009 - New Website

SAS-2009 (XIV International Conference on Small-Angle Scattering)

Oxford, UK
13-18 September, 2009


Dear Colleagues,

The SAS-2009 Organizers are pleased to announce the new conference

Advance Notice: We hope to open the site for abstract submission from
September 2008, followed by 'Early Bird' registration from November

Further announcements will be made to the IUCr SAS Listserver
(sa_scat@iucr.org) so please join the list if you have not already done
so.  A link may be found on the website.

We wish you a pleasant summer holiday (and hope that you will start
planning next years in the UK!).

With kind regards,

Steve King
Nick Terrill

SAS-2009 Local Organizing Committee

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