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[SA_scat] FISH SAS Data Fitting Program - new release!

  • To: <sa_scat@iucr.org>
  • Subject: [SA_scat] FISH SAS Data Fitting Program - new release!
  • From: "King, SM (Stephen)" <S.M.King@rl.ac.uk>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 10:47:56 +0100
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the 'FISH' SAS data
model-fitting program.

Free downloads are available for 32-bit Windows and Linux operating

The most significant features of the new release are:

-	a Java GUI which makes the program much more straightforward to
-	inclusion of the JFreeChart graphing package;
-	plots that now update dynamically as fitting parameters change;
-	and input file format support that includes both 3-column ASCII
and CanSAS SASXML v1.0.

Over 60 models and a 'quick-start- tutorial are also included in the

The models and fitting routines are those that have been developed by
Richard Heenan (ISIS) for earlier VMS 'line-mode' versions of the
program over the course of the last 25 years or more and which have thus
been extensively tested and debugged.

To obtain a copy of the program, please visit the 'Downloads' page at
http://www.small-angle.ac.uk/  (You may also want to take some time to
explore the rest of the website!)

You will be asked to give your name, affiliation and email address.
This is simply so that we: a) have some statistics we can show our
management, and b) can notify those using the program of any updates or
bug fixes.  You will then be sent an email with a 'one-time' link for
the download.  If you require both Windows **and** Linux versions of the
program you will need to register twice.

We hope you will find FISH a useful tool for your data analysis.

Please address any technical questions, or report any problems, to
Richard Heenan (r.k.heenan@rl.ac.uk). 


Richard Heenan & the ISIS SANS Team
Nick Terrill
Jonathan Rawle (developer)

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