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[SA_scat] Full power at the ISIS second target station

Full power at the ISIS second target station

19 September 2008 16:30


Last night, another milestone was achieved at ISIS when both neutron
targets were operated at full power for the first time.  


>From 2215 on 18 September 2008, a 10 Hz beam was sustained onto the
second target station for over 5 hours delivering 36 micro-amp proton
beam current. At the same time 40 Hz beam was delivered to Target
Station 1. 


This historic moment represents the start of regular two target
operations at ISIS. It was also the first time that solid methane
moderators have been operated with such a high beam power anywhere in
the world.


The sustained running allowed the target and moderator teams to confirm
that the target station performance was in agreement with technical
calculations. In addition, three anneals of the moderators were carried
out to relieve radiation damage in the solid methane. Each took around
15 minutes to complete. Annealing the moderators regularly will be part
of the normal operation of the second target station.


Two target running resumed this afternoon, to begin commissioning the
Inter instrument for full-time operation.



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