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[SA_scat] SKIN-2009: 1st Announcement

Dear Colleague,


We would like to draw your attention to the international workshop on Studying Kinetics with Neutrons Studying Kinetics with neutrons by SANS and Reflectometry SKIN2009, which will be held in Grenoble, France from October 5 to October 7, 2009. Please find attached the 1st Circular. We would appreciate, if you could spread this information among colleagues and friends. For more information,please visit our website, which will be regularly updated:




Kinetics with neutrons is a growing and exciting field of research with strong implications for applied science. The advent of new high intensity neutron sources and instruments, as well as the development of new real-time techniques, allows for the tracking of transformation processes in condensed matter on a microscopic scale. The evolution of structural details can be studied by time-resolved neutron scattering over a broad range of times. For example, new stroboscopic methods such as TISANE allow dynamic processes to be studied on a time scale extended to microseconds. As a follow-up to the first SKIN conference held in Gttingen in 2007, the scope of the symposium is to bring together scientists from different fields of physics, chemistry, biology, materials and geo-sciences with neutron experts. The meeting will be focussed on results, new applications and future prospects for time-resolved Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Neutron Reflectometry. 

It is an important aspect of the meeting to see what other experimental techniques achieve in this field and where theoreticians see future challenges.


The scientific programme will consist of invited lectures as well as oral and poster contributions on the following topics:


         Real-time small-angle scattering from soft and hard matter


         Response to periodic  perturbation (stress, temperature, 

pressure, fields )


         Field induced ordering and relaxation in magnetic  and 

ferroelectric systems


         Dynamics in Flux line lattices


         Mobility in colloidal systems, macromolecules, micelles


         Kinetics of chemical reactions, phase transitions and growth 



         Prospects of time-resolved Reflectometry: Surface and 

interface reactions, electro-chemical processes, Polymer wetting, diffusion processes


         Present and future instrumentation on SANS and Reflectivity 

for  dynamical studies in the time range from seconds to microseconds (Single-shot Kinetics, stroboscopic techniques, TISANE , MIEZE, Larmor



         Special sample environments for kinetic and dynamic investigations


         Complementary techniques probing dynamics and kinetic processes



We encourage you to preregister through this site.  You will then be included into our mailing list for further information.


Hope to see you in Grenoble next year! We apologise if you received this mail more than once but it is being sent to several mailing lists.




Sincerely yours,


Albrecht Wiedenmann



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