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[SA_scat] Meeting Announcement: ICSAXS - 2010, 23-24 October 2010


(Scheduled date: October 23rd and 24th, 2010)

           Small angle x-ray scattering is a dispersive tool for
characterizing the nano order structure in the materials and hence in
the attention of all scientists and technocrats. The field has its
origin from Indian Association for Cultivation of Science, Kolkota
in1930 by prof. Krishnamurthy. Now its application has covered by all
most all the fields of science and technology across the globe. Its
noble application in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology is
still encouraging the scientists and technocrats across the globe to
evaluate the nano order structural characteristics of both living and
non-living materials. Keeping the international scenario in mind it is
proposed to have a national level seminar to encourage the young
researchers to participate and learn the technique in depth during the
deliberations of the conference. 

                NIT ROURKELA (earlier called REGIONAL ENGINEERING
COLLEGE ROURKELA) is a pioneer center in the field of Small Angle X-ray
Scattering (SAXS) and its application to evaluate nano order structure
of various materials. To its credit NIT ROURKELA has already been
produced 20 PhD scholars and published around 100 research publications
in reputed international journals. Presently also few research scholars
are working in this field. In the Indian context many more things have
to develop especially in infrastructure facility and involvement of more
people to solve their research problems with the help of this technique.
Now nanoscience and nanotechnology is an emerging trend of research in
all most all the fields of science and technology. Our country is still
needs basic infrastructure for the growth of this field of research.

    So the conference will be a platform for all from across the Globe
in general and INDIA, our nation in particular, to discuss and
deliberate their views in order to make our country self sustained
developments in the relevant fields of research

Proposed functionaries of the Local Organizing Committee:
Executive Committee:
1.	Chairman: HOD Physics.
2.	Convener:  DK Bisoyi
3.	Treasurer: Dr. S K Jena (Physics Dept.)
4.	Members: All rest (06) faculty members of the physics dept.
5.	                  Dr. RK Patel (Chemistry Dept.)
6.	                  Dr.CR Patro (Civil Engg Dept.)
7.	                  Dr.BC Ray (MM dept.)
8.	                  Dr. SC Mohanty (ME Dept.)
9.	                  Dr. S K Pal (CR Dept)
10.	                  Dr. S Paul (BM. Dept.)
NB: Few more will be added later.

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