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[SA_scat] IUCr 2011 Congress - Microsymposium on IndustrialApplications of SAXS and SANS - August 22-29

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  • Subject: [SA_scat] IUCr 2011 Congress - Microsymposium on IndustrialApplications of SAXS and SANS - August 22-29
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Dear Colleague


A Microsymposium (MS) on Industrial Applications of SAXS and SANS will
be held at the IUCr Congress in Madrid August 22-29 2011. This MS
promises to be a valuable forum for the exchange of information on
highly successful collaborative projects involving SAS research and


The invited speakers and the titles of their talks are:

-Jean Doucet (Novitom, France), 'Industry oriented SAS at the European
facilities ILL and ESRF. Present status and perspectives'

-David Londono (Dupont USA), 'Scattering and research at DuPont'

-Mitsuhiro Shibayama (University of Tokyo, Japan), 'Industrial
application of small-angle neutron scattering at SANS-U, Japan'. 


The oral schedule of the MS will be completed with two additional talks.
Both additional speakers will be chosen from the participants who have
submitted an abstract pertinent to the MS, preferably from those who
have requested an oral presentation.  The remaining contributions will
be presented in the poster session.


Please consider submitting a contributed communication presenting your
experiences and perspectives on the important interface between the
advanced research techniques SAXS and SANS, and industry.  Abstracts may
now be submitted online and the deadline is April 15 2011


Aldo Craievich (craievich@if.usp.br) 

Robert Knott (robert.knott@ansto.gov.au) 


Microsymposium Chairs

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