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[SA_scat] FW: Program: SAXS-Workshop (last chance to register)

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 16:32:53 +0000
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From: Hecus XRS Service [mailto:service@hecus.at]
Sent: 12 April 2011 16:01
Subject: Program: SAXS-Workshop (last chance to register)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

it is only a few weeks from the "SAXS Laboratory Practice Workshop".

Please take a look<http://www.hecus.at/pdf/program-saxs-workshop.pdf> at the program; you will see that even more highly interesting presentations are scheduled!
Experts from distinguished research institutions will present their experiments and experiences in the SAXS field.

Following a short excerpt from the program:

  *   "GISAXS and SAXS Under Pressure"
  *   "Microfluidics and SAXS"
  *   "Porous Materials / Gas Sorption"
  *   "SAXS and other techniques for characterization"
  *   "Structural modeling of biological  macromolecules from solution scattering data"
  *   "Biomembranes"
  *   and many more<http://www.hecus.at/pdf/program-saxs-workshop.pdf>...

Register Now<http://www.hecus.at/index.php?open=Registration>
We are looking forward to meeting you in Graz!

keep yourself updated with our new products and on upcoming events by visiting our homepage<http://www.hecus.at/index.php?open=News> or follow us on facebook<http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hecus-X-Ray-Systems/135349816510273>


Best regards,
the Hecus Team

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