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[SA_scat] First announcement Neutrons and Food 2012

First announcement Neutrons and Food 2012


We would like to invite you to participate in the workshop Neutrons and Food 2012.The workshop will be held in Delft, starting with a welcome reception Sunday evening 29 January 2012 and finishing with an excursion to the Reactor Institute Delft Wednesday afternoon 1 February.


The aim of the workshop is to identify the scientific needs of food science. The other aim is to show the progress and possibilities of neutron scattering in food science to the European food science community.

The anticipated outcome is a better view of the needs of the food science community for the application of neutron scattering and on the other side a better view of the possibilities of neutron scattering in food science.

The anticipated outcome will help the European Spallation Source to create the best tools for good food science. This is why this workshop is one of the ESS science symposia <http://ess-scandinavia.eu/symposia>.

Previous workshop

In 2010 a success full Neutrons and Food <http://www.nbi.ansto.gov.au/neutronsandfood/> workshop was held in Sydney to identify the future scientific needs in the application of neutron scattering to Food Science. The application of neutron scattering to food-based systems is still in its infancy but has significant potential to understand the complex relationship between food structure, processing, rheology, nutrition, food quality and security.

The strength of the previous workshop was that both the neutron and food communities were present in equal numbers.


*         Introduction Neutrons and Food

*         Dairy

*         Lipids and fats

*         Protein and complexes

*         Glassy states

*         Food packaging (biodegradable plastics)

*         Plant materials

*         Carbohydrate/biopolymers

*         Digestion and metabolic processes

*         Nutrition and health

*         Drinks and beverages

*         Sample environment

*         Status ESS and recommendations

Registration and abstracts

We expect to open the registration and call for abstracts in November.

Wim Bouwman (Delft University of Technology) and Erik van der Linden (Wageningen University)

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