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[SA_scat] Postdoc (m/f) at MiNaXS (P03), PETRAIII, DESY (Hamburg,Germany)

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  • Subject: [SA_scat] Postdoc (m/f) at MiNaXS (P03), PETRAIII, DESY (Hamburg,Germany)
  • From: "Roth, Stephan" <stephan.roth@desy.de>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 11:47:50 +0100
Dear Stephen, could you please pass this job offer (text below, pdf
attached) to the SAXS mailinglist?



Dear colleagues,
I would like to inform you about a postdoc position in my team at the
P03/MiNaXS beamline (DESY), for which I am seeking candidates. The
position is intended for beamline development and to pursue a rigorous
inhouse research programme in the field of thin films. The intended
starting date is 1st March, 2012. Please find attached the job
advertisement as pdf.

The position
*	Work in a team-oriented environment in close collaboration with
the user Community
*	Develop and pursue an own inhouse research program
*	User support at MiNaXS
*	Participation in the instrumental development of MiNaXS
*	PhD in physics or comparable qualification
*	Knowledge in Small-/Wide-angle x-ray scattering
*	Experience at 3rd generation synchrotron sources is desirable

For further questions or information, please contact me

With best regards
Stephan Roth

Dr. Stephan V. Roth           Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (HASYLAB)
phone:  +49-40-8998-2934 & +49(0)151/12071459               Notkestr. 85
fax:    +49-40-8994-2934                                   22607 Hamburg
e-mail: stephan.roth@desy.de                                     Germany
homepage: http://www.desy.de/~sroth/homepage.htm

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