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[SA_scat] Postdoctoral Position in Biological SAXS at EMBL-Hamburg

Dear All, 

I would like to inform you that a postdoctoral position is available at the
EMBL Hamburg Unit in the 
Small Angle Scattering in the research group.
I attach a brief description of the Vacancy Notice below. Deadline for
application is 15th July 2012. 
Further Detailed Information can be found under: 

Regards  D. Svergun

Postdoctoral Position, Reference HH_00028

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in the BioSAXS group 
which develops new approaches to analyze the structure of biological
in solution using synchrotron radiation. 
The successful candidate will work on the interdisciplinary project
to understand the physical principles in the self-assembly of immature 
human immunodeficiency virus type 1 particles. The approach, supported by a
from the Human Frontiers Science Program, brings together teams from the
Germany and the Netherlands involving experts in retroviral molecular
theoretical physics, materials chemistry and structural biology. 
The fellow is expected to design and perform time-resolved and anomalous 
synchrotron SAXS experiments and to build structural models for the subunit 
assembly on specific templates, in close collaboration with the partners on
the project.

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