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[SA_scat] Fall BioSAXS beamtime available at MacCHESS

  • Subject: [SA_scat] Fall BioSAXS beamtime available at MacCHESS
  • From: Richard Gillilan <reg8@cornell.edu>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 15:04:13 +0000
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BioSAXS beamtime at CHESS is now available for Fall 2012!

Dear BioSAXS users,

Beamtime is still available during the Fall running period (Sept 12 - Nov 19) for BioSAXS.

To apply for time, please fill out the short online express-mode form at express.chess.cornell.edu/EM_form.php<http://express.chess.cornell.edu/EM_form.php>
Under "Choice of experimental technique" specify "Other In the box provided  for "Special experimental and facility needs" type "standard BioSAXS".
beamline = F2
Please also send me an email when you submit your express mode form: reg8@cornell.edu<mailto:reg8@cornell.edu>
To insure a successful visit, please carefully follow the sample preparation guidelines and other information given on our recently updated BioSAXS web page:www.macchess.cornell.edu/MacCHESS/bio_saxs.html<http://www.macchess.cornell.edu/MacCHESS/bio_saxs.html>

---- News ------

The F2 station is now dedicated to BioSAXS. You can read about our robotic sample loading system in our recent paper:
"High-throughput biological small-angle X-ray scattering with a robotically loaded capillary cell", Nielsen, S. S., Moller, M. & Gillilan, R. E. (2012). J. Appl. Cryst. 45.

We now have dual SAXS/WAXS Pilatus 100K detectors that give us automatic q-space coverage from 0.008 - 0.8 inverse Angstroms!

Our AKTA Purifier size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) system is available for use at the F2 beamline. If your samples seem to aggregate rapidly after preparation, or you think you may have a mixture, you may want to investigate on-site SEC. Fractions can be collected directly into the same 96-well plates used by the BioSAXS robot.
I you are interested, contact me (Richard Gillilan) for details.


Hope you can join us this Fall!


Richard Gillilan
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