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[SA_scat] Update on bids for hosting SAS 2018 Conference

From: GILBERT, Elliot Paul
Sent: Thursday, 27 September 2012 5:11 PM
Subject: Update on bids for hosting SAS 2018 Conference

Following the closing date of August 1st, 2012 for submissions, one bid was received to host the SAS 2018 conference. This bid is available for viewing on the SAS2012 website at sas2012.com/SAS2018bid.htm. A panel will be assembled shortly for evaluation of the bid and prepare questions to the proposed organisers. These questions and the corresponding answers will be made available to the community on the SAS2012 website. Following this initial round of dialogue, there will be opportunities for discussion to include the broader community, here, through the SAS listserver (sa_scat@iucr.org<mailto:sa_scat@iucr.org>). In addition, attendees to SAS2012 in Sydney will have the opportunity to ask questions to the organisers prior to a public vote of the registered participants. This discussion and the results of the vote will be taken as a recommendation to the evaluation board which will award the conference.

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