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[SA_scat] ATSAS version 2.5

Dear Small-Angle Scatterers,

this message is to announce a new ATSAS release 2.5.
The features of this release include:

New programs
  * almerge - automated merging of curves, extrapolation to zero concentration
  * gasbormx - gasbor for mixtures
  * sasrefmx - sasref for mixtures

Replaced programs
  * autognom, replaced by datgnom (Windows only)
  * supcomb13, supcomb20, replaced by supcomb

Removed programs
  * gasboripar
  * supmon, supcomph

  * bugfixes in all programs
  * program names with version numbers got changed to their canonical names
  * CRYSOL now accepts NMR models and allows selection of chains, bugfixes
  * hollow ellipsoids as start volumes in DAMMIN, new command line options
    for units and anisometry
  * EOM: multiple pools in Gajoe, random coil/native like models
    in Ranch, multiple curve fitting
  * GNOM now accepts up to 5000 points in the input data and
    allows up to 256 points in the P(r)
  * interface upgrades for damaver, damclust and pdb2seq
  * performance improvements and interface upgrade for supcomb;
    now a single supcomb application
  * Qt versions of Primus/Sasplot: more plot types, drag-and-drop support,
    non-ascii-filenames, updates and fixes
  * updated Gnuplot syntax to support version 4.2 and later for GNOM and other
    programs using Gnuplot in non-Windows applications
  * many (not all yet) programs now output error messages to
    stderr, return non-null on error
  * sasdoc got integrated to the graphical Windows programs
  * manual updates to reflect changes in programs

  * Coral requires unzip to unpack the loop library
  * For graph output, GNUPLOT version 4.2 or later is required;
    Note: this version is not available on CentOS-5.x!
  * Due to Qt bug #23157 SASDOC does not work on Mac OS-10.6
  * There is no package for Debian 6 any more, use the Ubuntu package instead

ATSAS 2.5 is free for download for academic users from

If you have questions or problems using ATSAS,
please post your queries to the forum: www.saxier.org/forum

With best regards   ATSAS Team
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