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“The Impact and Future Directions of Scattering Techniques in Soft Matter”

Registration is now open

Scattering methods have evolved in both complexity and in application over the past 30 years. The aim of this conference is to highlight how increasingly complex chemical, magnetic and biological systems demand a multi-technique approach in order to derive a full description of their behaviour. The meeting is combined with the 2013 Sir Eric Rideal lecture given by the award recipient, Prof. Jeff Penfold of ISIS.

Date: 18th  – 19th March 2013
Venue: Keble College, Oxford

Confirmed speakers: R. K. Thomas, T. Zemb, A. R. Rennie, I. M. Tucker, J. T. Petkov, L. Porcar, G. Fragnetto, I. Grillo, D. Barlow, A. Zarbakhsh, J. Penfold and T. Arnold

Deadline for abstract submission: 11th January 2013
Earlybird deadline: 31st December 2012

Website: http://www.colloidsgroup.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20&Itemid=5

Sponsors: RSC, SCI, STFC (ISIS), Unilever, Malvern, IOP Neutron Scattering Group, Diamond Light Source

Registration is now open

On behalf of the organising committee: Ian Tucker, Jordan Petkov, Claire Pizzey, John Webster, Jian Lu

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