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[SA_scat] BSR-2013 News and A call for BSR-2016 bids

Dear All,

with this mail we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming 11th 
Biology and Synchrotron Radiation Conference in
Hamburg ( Sunday 8th September until Wednesday 11th September 2013).

We were able to compile an exciting Conference Programme which is now 
available at

Please note that the registration without abstract is open until August, 
15th, so there is still an
opportunity for participation!

We are also pleased to announce a bid for hosting the next Biology and 
Synchrotron Radiation Conference in 2016.
The decision about the venue for BSR-2016 will be taken during BSR-2013.
Further information regarding the "bid" can be found under the following 


We look forward to welcoming you all here in downtown Hamburg!

With best regards

Matthias Wilmanns, Dmitri Svergun, BSR-2013 Co-Chairs
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