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[SA_scat] A new book about SAS for Particle Characterisation comingsoon

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  • Subject: [SA_scat] A new book about SAS for Particle Characterisation comingsoon
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  • Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 09:00:59 +0000
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I am cross-posting this announcement which has been circulating on other lists as it is concerned with SAS.
Sa_scat Administrator

Particle and Particle Systems Characterization:
Small-Angle Scattering (SAS) Applications

By Wilfried Gille

Due to be published November 27, 2013

This textbook for students and experts incorporates results of stochastic geometry. An exercise Chapter and Mathematica programs are included.

A special integral transformation - from the scattering pattern to the SAS correlation function -  is introduced. This approach includes the order range L  as a free parameter, i.e., a specific L yields a specific correlation function.

Information on ordering: http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781466581777

If you'd like to order a copy, please use the Discount Code EZL19 and reveive 20%.

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