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[SA_scat] Last call - practical course on biomacromolecules insolution

Dear all,

This the last call for the Copenhagen BioSAS course - please note the registration deadline is January 12th.
Please see below and in the course website for details.

Kind regards

Annette Eva Langkilde, post doc., PhD
Biostructural Research
Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 2
DK-2100 Copenhagen 
Phone: +45 35336202
Fax:   +45 35336041
E-mail: annette.langkilde@sund.ku.dk<mailto:annette.langkilde@sund.ku.dk>


Dear Collegue,

We hereby announce with great joy, that the
Copenhagen BioSAS 2014
practical course on Biomacromolecular solution scattering (bioSAS)
February 22nd-28th 2014

is open for applications:

We invite applications from PhD-students and Postdocs from all countries and with diverse backgrounds - but with a thorough relevant interest in BioSAS applications.

The course is organized in a fruitful collaboration between the University of Copenhagen (main organizers Lise Arleth and Bente Vestergaard), EMBL-Hamburg (the group of Dmitri I. Svergun) and MAXlab.
The course features prominent international speakers/lecturers and hands-on solution SAXS data collection and analysis. Please see the tentative program for more information.

We would appreciate if you will forward this mail to (other) potentially interested participants.
We hope to see you, or your colleagues, in Copenhagen this winter!

With the best regards,
Lise Arleth and Bente Vestergaard

***** Please note that the deadline for application is at January 12th, 2014 *****
Please apply by following the available link on the homepage (right panel - 'Application'), where additional information is available.
Please note that the course is expected to be over-subscribed. Applications received after the deadline will hence not be considered.
Potential further questions may be addressed to Bente Vestergaard (mail: bente.vestergaard@sund.ku.dk<mailto:bente.vestergaard@sund.ku.dk>)

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