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[SA_scat] EMBO practical course on Solution Scattering, Hamburg,27 October - 3 November 2014

EMBO practical course on Solution Scattering from Biological Macromolecules

The course will take place at EMBL Hamburg, Germany, on 27 October - 3  
November 2014

D. Svergun, R. Meijers, M. Petoukhov, A. Kikhney
(European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg Outstation)

The course aims at young biochemists/biophysicists and researchers  
active in related
structural methods (protein crystallography, NMR, electron microscopy) with
little or no experience in solution scattering. The course will cover basics
of SAXS/SANS, instrumentation, data collection, modelling techniques and
complementary use with other methods.

There will be no data collection from own samples at the
EMBL SAXS beamline due to the shutdown period of the Petra-3 ring but  
the students
will get a hands-on experience of a synchrotron experiment using pre-collected
data from test proteins. Moreover, the participants are encouraged to bring
samples for biophysical characterization (e.g. using light scattering,  
size exclusion

chromatography and thermoflour experiments). They may also bring the  
SAXS or SANS data

collected on other facilities to be analysed during the Course.

There is no registration fee and accommodation and subsistence are covered
for accepted applicants. Scientists from industry will be required to pay
a fee of Euro 1000. Limited travel grants are available to selected  
coming from labs in countries in need of scientific strengthening.

The detailed course information and the online application form are
available at http://events.embo.org/14-sas/index.html

The deadline for applications is July 31st, 2014. The applications will
be considered by a Selection Committee and the results of the selection
procedure will be sent to applicants by email within about five weeks of
the closing date.

If you have any questions about the course, please post them to

Best regards,
The Organizing Committee
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