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[SA_scat] Announce: US-SOMO revision 2717

Update 22 May 2014 US-SOMO revision 2717

An updated version of US-SOMO with improved HPLC-SAXS tools is now available
for OSX, Windows and Linux and is downloadable at http://somo.uthscsa.edu

Key new HPLC-SAXS features of this release include:

    An integral baseline correction method
    Support for skewed Gaussians
    Interactive dynamic multi curve Guinier fitting with frame vs Rg plot
    Test I(q) mode
    Layout improvement

If you are attending our special tutorial session 2.2.6 at the ACA 
meeting this week in Albuquerque,
you may also wish to download the sample HPLC-SAXS data 

As always, let us know if you have any questions or issues.

Emre Brookes

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