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[SA_scat] Permanent position on SWING beamline at FrenchSynchrotron SOLEIL

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  • Subject: [SA_scat] Permanent position on SWING beamline at FrenchSynchrotron SOLEIL
  • From: PEREZ Javier <javier.perez@synchrotron-soleil.fr>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014 13:33:32 +0000
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Dear Colleagues,

We are seeking a motivated researcher to take over the role of beamline scientist for the field of soft condensed matter. This is a permanent position on the SAXS beamline SWING at synchrotron SOLEIL.
Details can be found here :

With best regards,

Javier Pérez

Javier Pérez
Group leader - Beamline SWING
Synchrotron SOLEIL
Saint-Aubin - BP 48
91192 Gif sur Yvette Cedex
Tel : +33 (0)1 69 35 96 19 (office)
        +33 (0)1 69 35 97 53 (beamline)
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