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[SA_scat] Industrial applications of synchrotron radiation inbiology, June 15-17 2015

First Announcement: BioStruct-X Industrial Workshop, June 2015

Dear All,

The Hamburg Unit of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory is 
organizing a BioStruct-X Industrial Workshop,
to take place on the DESY Synchrotron Campus in Hamburg from June 15-17, 
2015.BioStruct-X (www.biostruct-x.eu <http://www.biostruct-x.eu>)
is an integrated project funded by the FP7 of the European Commission to 
support access for key methods in structural
biology utilizing synchrotron radiation.

The workshop will start with two sessions presenting the facilities 
offered by BioStruct-X partners for
protein production/crystallization and the BioStruct-X synchrotron 
beamlines offering access to industrial users.

In the following sessions, industrial possibilities of macromolecular

crystallography,small-angle X-ray scattering and medical imaging will be 
presented. Here, four dedicated sessions
are planned combining presentations from the BioStruct-X partners and 
from the industrial users of the facilities.
A special session will be devoted to the presentations byservice 
providers to industry including SMEs and spin-off companies.

The workshop will finish with a round table discussion to define 
thefuture needs of the companies in the use of synchrotron radiation.

There will be 2-3 invited speakers and 2-3 slots for contributing talks per

session. The Workshop will take place on the premises of the DESY 

facility in Hamburg which operates the storage ring Petra-3, currently 
the most brilliant synchrotron radiation
source worldwide. A tour to the biological beamlines in operation at 
Petra-3 will be included in the program.
There will be a poster session and ample opportunities for networking 
and advertizing. The number of participants
of the workshop will be limited to 130, and places will be given on a 
'first come first served' basis.

The participation fee is 200 Euro.

Further information about the workshop, including its program, organizers,

registration and abstract submission are available at


We look forward to welcoming you to the workshop!

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with:

Dr. Melissa Graewert (m.graewert.embl-hamburg.de) or

Ivanka Araujo (i.araujo.embl-hamburg.de)

With best regards

Workshop Organizers

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